Commission on Judicial Conduct

Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct

Welcome to the Arizona judiciary's website on judicial conduct and ethics.

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The bulleted links below will direct you to information on specific topics. The links in the drop down menus at the top of each page (click on Inside CJC, Rules, Public Decisions, and/or Ethics Committee) can also be used to access information about the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct acts on complaints alleging one or more judges have engaged in judicial misconduct in a particular case or circumstance.

The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee fields prospective ethics question from judges and judicial employees in an effort to assist them in avoiding the violation of one or more provisions of the Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct or the Arizona Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees. The full text of both of these codes can be accessed via the provided links below.

The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee has issued a considerable number of formal advisory ethics opinions over the course of time. They are available below. These opinions can be searched by subject matter topic and opinion number via the provided custom search feature.


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