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Confidential Intermediary Program

The Confidential Intermediary Program

The Confidential Intermediary Program certifies Confidential Intermediaries (CIs) through the Certification and Licensing Division of the Arizona Supreme Court.  CIs provide a service to help facilitate contact between parties of an adoption (adoption triad members) or siblings separated as a result of a dependency action.

The Confidential Intermediary Program was established by the Arizona State Legislature in 1992, by enacting A.R.S. §8-134 (adoption triad member searches).  In 2007, the Arizona State Legislature extended the role of the Confidential Intermediary Program to include the Sibling Information Exchange Program (SIX) by enacting A.R.S. §8-543, which provides former dependent children the ability to locate, and stay in touch with, siblings separated by a dependency action.  Under both statutes, Confidential Intermediaries are provided access to court records in order to obtain information necessary to locate the sought after party.  Consent from all parties is required for the sharing of identifying and non-identifying information.  


TO:                 Interested Persons

FROM:           Certification and Licensing Division

RE:                 Confidential Intermediary Program Board Member Recruitment

The Arizona Supreme Court is currently seeking interested candidates for appointment to the Confidential Intermediary Board. The Confidential Intermediary Board is comprised of eleven volunteer members appointed by the Chief Justice for three-year terms.  The Confidential Intermediary Board meets every three months to consider and make decisions regarding certification and disciplinary matters involving certified confidential intermediaries. The Board also makes recommendations to the Arizona Supreme Court regarding confidential intermediary and sibling information exchange issues. Applications are being sought for the following Board positions:

  • Clerk of Superior Court Member - Open to candidates who are employed by the clerk of the superior court or designee.
  • Certified Confidential Intermediary Member - Open to a candidate who has worked as a certified confidential intermediary for no less than five years.
  • Two (2) Public Members - The candidates cannot be a certified confidential intermediary, attorney, adoption agency representative, superior court judicial officer, trial court administrator, clerk of superior court or designee.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Confidential Intermediary Program by email to  Interested persons may submit a resume and an application form  (Click Here) to:


Certification and Licensing Division

Attention: Debbie MacDougall

Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts

1501 West Washington, Suite 104

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

FAX – (602) 452-3958



May 19, 2016-Cancelled

10:00 A.M.

This board meeting will be held in:
Arizona Supreme Court
Hearing Room 109
1501 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
General Inquiries Call: (602) 452-3378
(Certification and Licensing Division Line

Members of the Public May Attend the Meeting in Person

Agenda and materials will be posted when available.


 Directory of Confidential Intermediaries   Complaint Form
ACJA § 7-203   Change of Contact Information Form
Section 7-201   CE Certificate of Attendance
    CE Self Study Form
ARS § 8-134   Motion for Release of Records-Maricopa County
ARS § 8-543   Order for Release of Records-Maricopa County
Confidential Intermediary Brochure   Search Request-Maricopa County
Sibling Information Exchange Program Brochure   Consent to Exchange Information
FAQs   Finalization Report
Confidential Intermediary Exam Study Guide     Written Statement 
Confidential Intermediary Validation  
  File Review Statement
    Confidential Intermediary Request for Inactive Status Form
Office of Vital Records   CI Board Members
Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County Juvenile Court, Adoptions  

 2016 Board Meeting Schedule

Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS)   Board Agendas/Minutes
Indian Child Welfare Act  
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records  
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.  


If you have any questions, you may email the program at or contact the Certification and Licensing Division at:
Arizona Supreme Court
Confidential Intermediary Program
1501 West Washington Street, Suite 104
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

General Inquiries Call: (602) 452-3378