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The Clerk of the Arizona Supreme Court performs a myriad of detailed responsibilities in support of the Court’s constitutional appellate litigation functions, rule making authority and attorney discipline authority. The Clerk maintains the Court’s case files and disseminates the Court’s opinions, decisions and orders.
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 Clerk of the Arizona Supreme Court 
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CIVIL PETITIONS FOR REVIEW - Although the Court prefers typewritten petitions for review with a 3500 word count for civil petitions for review, a self-represented litigant may submit a handwritten petition.  The petition may not exceed 12 consecutively numbered pages.  A certificate of service and the final order from the Court of Appeals must accompany the civil petition for review. 
AGENDAS and CASES BEFORE THE COURT-  This site provides a list of cases currently before the state’s highest court.  This page makes it easy for litigants, attorneys, media, and others to find information about cases before the Supreme Court.  Users may visit this page by clicking here.
E-FILING AT THE SUPREME COURT - As of April 2, 2012, all lawyers are required to file documents electronically through AZTurboCourt.  Others who are interested in e-filing documents with the Arizona Supreme Court may also use AZTurboCourt.  Please click here to access the website.  To learn how to use AZTurboCourt and/or sign up for training please click here
APPELLATE CASE INFORMATION and TRANSCRIPT DUE DATES AVAILABLE ONLINE– Want to know what documents have been filed in a case, a case number, or when a transcript is due?  This site offers information for active cases, including case dockets, court calendars, Opinions, Memorandum Decisions, court minutes and transcript due dates. To visit the site, click here or on the link in the left column of this page.