Arizona Judicial Branch

Court Services

Court Services Division Vision
To serve the Arizona Judiciary and the public as a trusted leader and partner.

Court Services Division Mission
To enhance the administration of justice through quality service, professional assistance, and guidance to the Arizona Judiciary and its stakeholders.

The Court Services Division is comprised of five units: Automation Services, Caseflow Management, Consolidated Services, Court Operations and Court Programs. Under the direction of the Court Services Division Director, the division provides support to the courts in the following areas:

  • Technical assistance
  • Research and statistics
  • Assistance in implementing special programs and procedures
  • Assistance in developing and implementing rules and procedures for the courts
  • Staff support and research for  various local, regional and statewide committees
  • Child support programs and guidelines
  • Family law and domestic violence programs
  • Track and report to the courts on legislation that may affect the judicial department
  • Automation specification development, testing and training
  • Court operational reviews

Legislative Court Impact Report, provides you access to summaries and implementation information for bills of interest to the court community. This report includes bill summaries, table of contents by bill, chapter and house of origin and bill analysis.  Also included is procedural information.

Rule Impacts Report, provides summaries of Rules of Procedure that were adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court that may impact the courts. 

Fill the Gap Annual Report


CIVIL COVER SHEET - (Rule 8(h) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure).  The Arizona Supreme Court has amended Rule 8 (h) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure to require the utilization of a statewide Civil Cover Sheet. The Civil Cover Sheet was approved by the Supreme Court and will be maintained on the Administration of Courts website. The plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney must complete and submit the Civil Cover Sheet to the Superior Courts when filing the initial complaint or petition in a civil action. The Rule went into effect January 1, 2009.  FORMS:  Statewide  -   Maricopa County  -  Pima County

Arizona Case Processing Time Summary Chart - Pursuant to A.O. 2014.81, the Administrative Director shall be responsible for maintaining the Arizona Case Processing Time Summary Chart detailing the specifications for calculation of time to disposition and excluded time for each case type.  Further information regarding the time standards can be found at the Time Standards Committee Website.