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AZTurboCourt eFiling for Pima County Superior Court is NOW AVAILABLE!

Beginning today you may electronically file your civil case initiation and subsequent filings into Pima County Superior Court using AZTurboCourt! 

Please call the AOC Support Center at 602-452-3519 or 800-720-7743 if you have any questions.

Tax Cases effective October 13th, 2014

On October 8, 2014 Administrative Order 2014-99 was signed authorizing the filing of existing Tax cases designated with a “TX” case number using the AZTurboCourt system. Administrative Order 2014-99 also mandates the subsequent filing of documents into a Tax case with the “TX” prefix for all attorneys practicing in the State of Arizona effective November 3, 2014.

Effective October 13, 2014 the AZTurboCourt software will be updated to allow for the electronic filing of these subsequent documents into the Superior Court of Arizona. All normal functionality of AZTurboCourt will remain the same.

For more information on the A.O., please click here

e-Serve Changes effective March 8, 2014 

On February 24, 2014 Administrative Order 2014-23 was signed instituting changes to Rule 5(c)(2)(D) with an effective date of March 8, 2014.

The Administrative Order sets forth the following:

  • Any attorney of record may be electronically served through AZTurboCourt on or after March 8, 2014.
  • Service is complete upon transmission, and an additional five calendar days shall be added to any period of time prescribed by these rules to do some act or initiate some proceeding.
  • Any provisions of this Order that are inconsistent with the Arizona Rules of Court shall supersede procedural requirements of the rules.

To comply with A.O. 2014-23, AZTurboCourt software has been updated with the following:

  • Language stating “the Court DOES NOT REQUIRE consent by attorneys for receipt of electronic service of pleadings and other documents through AZTurboCourt”
  • The checkbox indicating the filer has permission to e-serve has been removed
  • A link to Administrative Order 2014-23 has been added

To ensure the e-Serve document notification email is received please add the following email address to your approved email list:


Fee Waiver/Deferral Functionality (All e-Filing Applications)

New functionality has been put in place to allow parties who have an ACTIVE Order Waiving or Deferring Fees to be able to file using AZTurboCourt. This functionality is available for subsequent filings in the Superior Courts and for initiating and subsequent filings in the AZ Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Division 1. The Order for Waiver or Deferral must be valid for the document or case the filer is filing into. This functionality will suppress all filing fees and the application fee for the Appellate Court and the application fee in the Superior Court. In Superior court, if the filer checks the box indicating they have an active Order but the submission they are filing requires a filing fee, they will not be able to continue and must file in paper at the court. If the filer does not have an active Order Waiving or Deferring Fees, they MUST NOT check the box.

 Payment Processing in AZTurboCourt

Payments can be made in AZTurboCourt using a debit or credit card for filers who do not have a PayPal account. The credit card can now be stored in the system with a “nickname” and used for AZTurboCourt filings.

For more information, you may contact Customer Support at 602-452-3519 or 1-800-720-7743.


 Print Forms for Justice Courts

The counties listed below have Print Form Services available for their Justice Courts. This application walks those filing small claims, civil lawsuits (up to $10,000) and eviction actions through a questionnaire process that will prepare accurately formatted forms for filing at the court.

    Coconino County Superior Court (Family Law)
    Apache County Justice Courts               
    Cochise County Justice Courts
    Coconino County Justice Courts
    Gila County Justice Courts
    Graham County Justice Courts
    Greenlee County Justice Courts                
    La Paz County Justice Courts
    Maricopa County Justice Courts
    Mohave County Justice Courts
    Navajo County Justice Courts
    Pima County Justice Courts
    Pinal County Justice Courts
    Santa Cruz County Justice Courts  
    Yuma County Justice Courts

Click here to access forms.