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Arizona Commission on
Judicial Performance Review

It's easy to be an informed voter.  
Read the JPR report before you vote on the judges on your ballot -- and then Finish the Ballot!

To see reports about the judges who appear on the 2016 ballot, please choose from the list or click your county on the map below. 

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  • Encourage highly qualified people to apply to serve as a judge.
  • Volunteer to serve on a judicial nominating commission.  Applications are available from the Governor's Office when volunteers are needed.
  • Send your comments on applicants being considered for judgeships to the Judicial Nominating Commission.
  • Volunteer to serve on the Commission on Judicial Performance Review or a JPR Conference Team.
  • Complete and return a JPR survey when you are in court as a juror, litigant or witness during the survey period.
  • Send your comments on a judge's performance at any time to the Commission on Judicial Performance Review.

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    Through Arizona's judicial merit selection process, the Governor appoints appellate court judges statewide and trial court judges in Maricopa, Pima and Pinal Counties from lists of nominees submitted by the judicial nominating commissions. Subsequent to the appointment by the Governor, judges appointed through the merit selection process are subject to retention by the voters.  Appellate court judges serve six-year terms and trial court judges serve four-year terms.

    The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review sets performance standards for the judges appointed through the merit selection process, decides whether or not a judge meets those standards, and reports its findings to you, the voters when a judge is up for retention.

    The Commission collects information on how judges perform by distributing written surveys and holding public hearings for people who have first-hand knowledge of the job performance of judges appearing on the 2014 general election ballot.  More than 60,000 surveys on Arizona judges were distributed in 2013.  The Commission also accepts written comments at any time about the performance of judges.  Contact Us 

    The survey responses are compiled by an independent data center and the results are given to the Commission. Its members review all the information on each judge and vote whether the judge MEETS or DOES NOT MEET judicial performance standards.  When the Commission votes, the judges' names are encoded so that members do not know which judge they are voting on until all the votes are counted.

    Established in 1992 by a constitutional amendment passed by voters, the Commission's membership includes 18 members of the public, six attorneys and six judges.